Working with schools


‘I love singing and dancing, I enjoyed how Hervé taught us to use our voices so that the audience can hear us’ Amal Y5
‘It was such a special moment to perform with a professional’ Andre Y6

Inspiring Children

Alongside acting I offer drama, dance and singing workshops to primary and secondary schools. As a reliable and multi-talented instructor my work inspires children and young people to express themselves through music, words and drama. I am confident in my ability to adapt to different age groups and enjoy working with children from diverse social and cultural backgrounds. I have worked in a variety of schools across London through major arts organisationsVIEW MY CV. Intuition and life experience have helped me to understand behaviour commonly displayed by children suffering from low self-confidence and lack of motivation. I am genuinely supportive and interested in nurturing children's self-esteem. During workshops I focus activities around building self-awareness, communication and teamwork skills. This enhances self confidence amongst pupils. Similarly, within small group settings and one-to-one tuition I aim to capture students' attention through humour, my love of the performing arts and a choice of materials that is relevant to each person/group. I place great value on encouraging collaborative relationships and setting clear boundaries where necessary. I also offer tailored workshops for the Black History Month and have a DBS.

I am currently working on a performance for primary schools about ‘British Values’, diversity and my own experience as a black child adopted by a white family. 

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