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Street Entertainment Consultant

‘Good professional entertainment in the street and good management of those artists create a rewarding creative experience in public and private spaces.’

I offer street entertainment consultancy to officials and private landowners, both nationally and internationally, who wish to develop, promote and nurture high-quality street performance in public and private spaces. My approach to advising clients on street entertainment is creative, practical and based on ten years of experience as a busker myself. I identify my clients’ individual needs and recognise that each project is unique. I designed, launched and piloted the Southbank Centre's Busking scheme which was launched on 1st June 2013. The scope of my consultancy and project management involved:

  • Carrying out rigorous and effective research on the current busking activity at the Southbank Centre; presenting recommendations in a report to the Southbank Centre’s Artistic Director and Board.
  • The setting up and location of the most suitable busking pitches (14 pitches).
  • Designing and implementing a ‘Busking Code of Practice’.
  • Creating and managing a booking system for street performers.
  • Organising, attending and managing the auditioning of buskers.
  • Issuing permits and managing all stakeholders involved in the scheme (street performers, on site security, Metropolitan Police, Estate and Facilities department and the Artistic Team at the Southbank Centre).
  • Being the point of contact and reference for buskers.
  • Regular reviewing that the scheme rules are followed and meet performers’ needs.

The scheme has grown in success and the Southbank Centre now receives national and international applications from a whole range of performers eager to perform within a well-managed and friendly structure.

I took part in the London Mayor’s Busking Taskforce, which launched Busk In London in 2015 and gave advice to make London more busker-friendly.

Contact Hervé: herve@hervegoffings.com

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‘Hervé gave a voice to the performers and created a safe environment for creativity and street art on the South Bank.’ Charlotte Campbell, singer & Songwriter.
'He had the great combination of artistic vision and a business mind. He always strived to make the performers enjoy their time on the Queen's Walk and encouraged us to support each other as a community.' Emily Lee, singer & Songwriter.
‘Hervé was a really positive influence and his hard work has transformed the south Bank for the street performers.’ Tom Balmont, The Tom Show.
'He was instrumental in creating the thriving busking community at the South Bank and is held in the highest regard by everyone there' Scott McMahon, Singer & Songwriter.