Acting Through Song Coaching


‘The best musical theatre performer is the one who finds the heart of the song. The heart of the character. The one who makes the song mean something. Makes it personal.’



I have been running a variety of acting, dance and singing workshops for over 7 years at both Primary Schools and Secondary Schools / Further Education levels. Click here for my School workshops. I have also given a musical theatre masterclass with third-year undergraduate students in the School of Music Cardiff University. 


A Musical Theatre workshop for students with the focus on 'Acting Through Song'.  Held in a masterclass style, the focus is on giving each student individual direction and feedback. Vocal issues are also addressed.  Tailored to your requirements, the workshop can be half a day, a full day or a full 2-day session, tailored to your needs. 

During the session students will:

  • Learn to connect physically and emotionally to the lyrics of their songs

  • Make strong choices without fear, based on a firm understanding of the lyrics

  • Receive individual coaching and feedback in front of the group

  • Add expression and confidence to their performances

  • Use their creative thoughts to develop a convincing character

Hervé’s work with all the students was both instructive and intuitive, an enriching experience brought about by Hervé’s professionalism and talent.
— Dr Clair Rowden, Senior Lecturer and Deputy Head of School Cardiff University

Private Coaching

An in-depth one-to-one session focusing on finding the truth in a song for theatre. The one-hour session can also be used to:

  • Prepare an audition

  • Work on your performance skills

  • Build your confidence as a performer

  • Help you identify what is special about your take on a song in order to make it specific, fun, and totally unique to who you are.

  • Find the phrasing and musicality in your material that makes it sound great, and allows you to feel completely confident

There are so many factors in our industry that are beyond our control, but the one thing you can control is how you present yourself and how you feel about the work you are bringing into the room.

If you want to book a masterclass or a one-to-one session, please e-mail me.